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How website performance affects business success

We’ve all been stuck on a website that won’t load, trying to view pages that time out, or getting error messages when trying to navigate the website we’re visiting. That can happen on desktop computers and mobile devices, and everyone has experienced it.

Poor website performance is not necessarily an indicator of a poor quality business, but that is often the impression your users get when they experience problems with your website. To avoid long-term negative consequences, learn more about website performance and its impact on the success of your business.

Why website performance is essential to business success

Website performance refers to the time it takes for your website’s pages to be downloaded and displayed to your users. Your users come to your website through various devices and web browsers, so your website must work smoothly for everyone. If your website doesn’t perform well, the consequences can cause long-lasting or permanent damage to your business.

There are many ways in which the performance of your website and the success of your business go hand in hand, and these are some of them that you should consider when developing your website to ensure optimal speed and results.

1. UX

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User experience (UX) refers to visitors’ satisfaction with landing on your website. Since one of the main goals of website performance is to keep users engaged, it’s essential to think about their experience while they’re on your site. If they wait too long for pages to load, if they receive redirects or error messages, or if pages are inaccessible, they will perceive their experience as poor and move on to other websites.

Every second your web page requires to load, the quality of the user experience decreases. Every extra second of waiting time allows your users to leave your website.

Mobile users are just as impatient as desktop users, waiting only three seconds for a page to load on their mobile device before leaving. These expectations are not unreasonable, considering millions of websites meet users’ standards.

2. Credibility

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As mentioned earlier, visitors place a high value on your site’s performance when they form an impression of you. These are the first impressions that can determine whether they will ever return to your site or do business with your company for new visitors.

Even loyal users will leave your site for other sites if they want faster performance and access to the information they are looking for. A business with a slow-loading website is generally viewed as inferior and lacking credibility.

If your website is not quickly sufficient in your users’ eyes, the damage to your reputation can be irreversible in today’s fast-paced environment that demands optimal performance.

3. Competitive advantage

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A successful website visit leads to conversions, whether people buy your products, contact your company for more information, sign up for your programs, download your app, or visit your retail store. After all, competing for these conversions is one of the main reasons your website exists in the first place.

For businesses in almost any industry, there are many competitors out there eager to lure your customers to their website. A poorly performing website is easy to say goodbye to your visitors and possibly never see them again. Slow, unreliable performance provides your competitors with a favorable opportunity to capture the attention of your target audience and take over your business.

When you choose between two companies, one with a slow-loading website and one with fast performance, it’s easy for consumers to decide which company to give their money to.

How to measure the performance of your website

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Now that you know how your website’s performance affects the success of your business, you’re probably wondering how your business is performing and if you’re on the right track. You can start by visiting your website yourself, from both your desktop and mobile device (tablet and smartphone should both be included), and see what your own experience is like.

Many business owners don’t spend time with their websites, so there could be issues you’re not aware of. Look out for web pages that are slow to load or broken links, but don’t stop there. To effectively measure your website’s performance, you need to consider a few critical KPIs that provide several essential pieces of information.

The bounce rate tells you the percentage of visitors who leave your site after visiting just one page. A high bounce rate raises why users are leaving your site. One of the main reasons is that your website does not load fast enough, and visitors do not have the patience to visit more pages.

Session time tells you how long your users spend on your website. Visits that last only a few seconds can indicate that your website is not loading fast enough, and users leave it without further interaction.

Conversion rates can also tell you how well your website is performing. Poor conversion rates mean that your visitors leave your site without taking any action, such as signing up for a membership or buying your products. That can be due to some factors, but a slow website can be one of them, as can a poor impression of your business due to poor performance.

It’s easy to see how strong your website performance is to the success of your business, your reputation, and your ranking among competitors. As a consumer, you know the negative impression a company’s website leaves. There’s no denying that your visitors will think the same about your company if your website’s speed doesn’t meet their expectations.

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